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Spotlight on Agents of Change: inspiring women making a positive social impact

Graduates of Imperial College London’s Agents of Change Women’s Community Leadership Programme celebrate their graduation, June 2023

Imperial College London’s Agents of Change Women’s Community Leadership Programme recently marked the landmark graduation of its fourth cohort of women graduates. The fifteen inspiring participants celebrated their graduation in June at an event held at the Invention Rooms in White City Innovation District.

Created exclusively by women for women, the highly respected Women’s Community Leadership Programme is led by Farial Missi, Imperial College London’s Community Engagement Manager. The six-month programme aims to support, empower, and connect women in Imperial College London’s local community – including within the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham – to drive positive social change. The programme is supported by local institutions including Hammersmith United CharitiesHammersmith and Fulham Council and The Lyric, who provide valuable support infrastructure, from access to mentors, inspirational guest speakers, community and business leaders and industry experts, to providing funding and venue space.

Graduates of the programme are committed to making a difference and share a common mission to tackle community challenges, in areas ranging from education and sustainability to social cohesion.

“When I joined the Agents of Change, it became the turning point in my life.”

Jacqueline John, Agent of Change participant

Speaking at the graduation event, Agent of Change Jacqueline John shared her experience of joining the programme: “When I joined the Agents of Change, it became the turning point in my life. I had the privilege of journeying alongside an inspiring group of women who have left an indelible mark on my heart and mind. In their presence, I witnessed the transformative power of when women unite and support. The programme provided us with a comprehensive toolkit of skills and a mechanism for effective community leadership.” 

Through workshops, seminars, and practical exercises, participants are able to learn self-reflection techniques, project management strategies, and collaborative approaches.

“These skills have not only equipped us with the necessary tools to lead community projects but have also facilitated a deeper understanding of ourselves as leaders,” continued Jacqueline. “We were guided by exceptional coaches and guest speakers that empowered us to challenge the status quo, champion causes close to our hearts and make a difference to the lives of those we serve.”

Agents of Change

Programme participants engaged in monthly sessions, focusing on different areas of personal and professional development – spanning topics including vision and goal setting, identity and values, project planning, leadership communication, resilient leadership, public speaking, and fundraising.

The local women leaders chosen to participate this year are all working on inspiring grassroots project ideas that address critical issues within the local communities, including supporting parents with children who have learning disabilities, workshops for carers with family members who have mental health problems, driving change around climate change and sustainability, and mental health first aid training.

“The program’s success lies not only in its ability to uplift and inspire individuals but also in its collective impact on the communities they serve.”

Farial Missi, Imperial College London’s Community Engagement Manager

If you are interested in joining the empowering female community leadership Agents of Change network, you can apply online now and gain the following benefits:

  • An open and diverse network of local women to connect with and share expertise
  • Chance to support women by sharing your knowledge, experiences and connections
  • Exposure to inspirational guest speakers, community and business leaders, and industry experts
  • Access to the Agents of Change Women’s Community Leadership Programme
  • Opportunity to attend networking and socialising events
  • Receive the latest updates with the Agents of Change e-newsletter

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