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Addressing Healthy Ageing, Pandemics, & AMR

Convening industry, the NHS, academia & the ecosystem to explore how UK Life Sciences can shape a more resilient future for us all.

date and time

Thursday 8th February 2024, 11:00 – 19:00 followed by Reception


Molecular Science Research Hub (MSRH)

White City Innovation District, W12

82 Wood Ln, London W12 0BZ, [Map]

Jawdrop Life Sciences Summit: Addressing Healthy Ageing, Pandemics, & AMR for a Resilient Tomorrow follows last year’s successful inaugural Jawdrop Summit: Life Sciences in White City Innovation District (WCID).

The Life Sciences summit will allow industry and academia to share their work in an in-depth manner with an audience of leading scientists, technologists, researchers and decision makers from across White City and other UK ecosystems.

This conference explores the synergy between resilience and the life sciences. In a world grappling with the challenges of aging populations, pandemics, and the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the resilience of our species and ecosystems becomes paramount.

Join us as we delve into how the life sciences are not only combating these formidable foes but also redefining our capacity to adapt, evolve, and thrive in the face of adversity.


PANEL: A call to action: Creating a resilient UK Life Sciences

This panel will look at how the UK Life Sciences industry can be more resilient with aspects including supply chains, talent, innovations, research funding, interdisciplinary collaborations, and international cooperation.

  • Steve Bates OBE (CEO, BIA)
  • Leigh Brody PhD (Investment Manager, Albion VC)
  • Duleek Rantanuga (CEO, Pear Bio)
  • Emilie Syed (Investment Manager, Parkwalk Advisors)

PANEL: How the White City life science cluster is making old age better

This panel will discuss the research and innovations that promote healthy ageing (dementia and beyond) and explore challenges around their funding and adoption.

  • CHAIR: Prof. Payam Barnaghi (Imperial College London)
  • Dhivya Venkat (CEO, Esya Labs)
  • Cynthia Bullock (UKRI, Deputy Director, Healthy Ageing)
  • George Frodsham (CEO, MediSieve)
  • Inga Deakin (Principal, Molten Ventures)
  • Niki Lang (Director of Public Health, LB of Hammersmith & Fulham)

PANEL: The next pandemic and how to arm ourselves against AMR

This panel focuses on the challenges posed by pandemics like COVID-19 and the concurrent threat of AMR. It also examines strategies for enhancing healthcare system resilience, antibiotic stewardship, and innovative approaches to combating infectious diseases while preserving antimicrobial efficacy.

  • CHAIR: Prof. Neil Ferguson (Imperial College London)
  • Dr. Suki Balendra (Paddington Life Sciences, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust)
  • Sam Reed (CEO, DNAe)
  • Philip Cruz (Country Medical Director, Moderna UK)
  • Nina Zhu (Research Associate, NIHR),
  • Russell Hope (Deputy Director, UKHSA)

Come to hear about the innovative solutions, interdisciplinary collaborations, and cutting-edge research that promise to shape a more resilient future for us all.